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The art of growing plants in the quickest and most efficient way possible has long weighed on the minds of botanists around the globe. Hydroponics represents a collision of science and art in order to get the best possible greenhouse result, but it is more than just technique that matters. The grower with the best hydroponic supplies will typically produce a higher yield, which is why Atlantis Hydroponics specializes in offering premium hydroponic systems and parts to help you maximize your garden's output.

It takes more than just grow lights to create the perfect growing environment for the plants in your indoor garden. From complete MH, HPS, and LED lighting systems to grow room tents, we offer everything you need to run a professional-grade hydroponics system at a minimal price. We also offer equipment to facilitate advanced techniques in hydroponics such as aquaponics and aeroponics.

For over eighteen years, we have remained committed to providing our customers with the best in hydroponic supplies, as well as helping them gain more knowledge about the art of hydroponics. Our navigation toolbar has our complete inventory organized by category, simply click on the type of hydroponic equipment that you’re looking for to browse through our full product base.