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Xtreme Gardening: Mykos Pure Fungi Organic Fertilizer, 2.2 lb
by: xtreme gardening

Item 721205
Our Price: $31.99

Mykos – Pure, Fresh & Alive: A beneficial organism, Mycorrhiza, plural Mycorrhizae live on the roots of plants and form a symbiotic relationship. They extend microscopic straw-like filaments called “hyphae” into the soil where they extract, transport, and dramatically increase a host plant’s supply of nutrients and moisture. Pockets of nutrients and water in the soil which were once unreachable by standard root systems are now made accessible through the “super-mining” effects which mycorrhiza gifts to your plants.

Mycorrhiza releases a glue-like substance into the soil (Glomalin) which improves water storage and capacity, leading to lower watering costs. Although ideal for use on all plants, mycorrhizae is especially beneficial toward: Tomatoes, Herbs (Thyme, Basil, Sage, ect), Pumpkins, Beans, Bulbs (all), Squash, Cantaloupe, Carrot, Celery, Corn, Cucumber, Garlic, Leek, Lettuce, Melon, Onion, Peas, Potato, Strawberry, and Grape Varietals.

Mycorrhizal fungi are ancient in origin and the benefits are boundless. Pound for pound mycorrhiza provides plants with the greatest possible benefit for the smallest amount of input. With a single inoculation, mycorrhiza is capable of transforming the ordinary garden into something Xtreme!

Directions and Applications:
• Cuttings & New Starts - Transplanting - Add 2 tablespoon per plant site (1 “shot glass”) ensuring direct root contact- 2 teaspoons for rockwool
• Soil & CoCo - Amending - Thoroughly mix 1 lb per 2 cu ft (56.6 liters) soil or coco- 14 lbs per cu yard (27 cu ft) / 28 lbs per 2 cu yard / 40 lbs per 70 cu ft (1 pallet)
• Established Plants - Broadcasting - Add 1/2 cup around base of each plant. Cover with 1/2" soil or compost
• Flowering & Fruiting Plants - Apply Xtreme Tea Brews
• Note: Mineral salts have been shown to suppress beneficial microbes- Use unchlorinated water for best results

• Improves Root Structures
• Increases Nutrient Uptake
• Promotes Natural Biology
• Great for Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers
• Designed for use in soil, coco, & rockwool

Height 5.8"
Length 5.4"
Weight 2.6 lbs
Width 3.5"

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  • I just bought a bag of Mykos (2.2 lbs). Can it be applied with a hose end sprayer and water, or does it have to be applied directly to the soil? Thanks.
    Thank you for your Mykos purchase! Though the Mykos Granular may only be used in the soil or as a top dressing, the Mykos WP (Wettable Powder) can be dissolved and strained to use with a sprayer as a spray application. It comes in 2 sizes and you can read about it here: