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Viagrow® ViaStone Expanded Clay Grow Rocks, 50 liter
by: viagrow

Item VS50
Our Price: $29.99

For pallet pricing, please refer to item #VS50-45 for the best price of grow rocks online!

Viagrow’s Viastone expanded clay rocks are an excellent medium choice for indoor growing. Atlantis Hydroponics offers Hydroton and other hydroponic grow rocks as a medium for virtually any kind of hydroponic plant. The use of grow rocks is preferred by many growers because it is environmentally friendly and because it can accelerate the maturing and blooming of your plants. These expanded clay rocks are becoming more and more popular wherever hydroponic growing occurs.

ViaStone expanded clay aggregate media is an incredibly resourceful growing material derived from kiln firing clay to over 2,000 degrees and forming it into the round inert and highly porous grow media that is so popular. Clay itself is renewable and plentiful, making ViaStone ecologically friendly. Use ViaStone virtually anywhere: the greenhouse, in propagation systems, for outdoor gardening, around shrubs & trees, as compost aeration, or as a hydroponic growing medium. Expanded clay grow rocks are the most widely used hydroponic media in North America.

• pH neutral, porous, lightweight, reusable, clean and eco-friendly
• Helps increase yield quality & quantity
• Grow rocks measure between 8 and 16 mm in size
• Accelerates blooming & maturing
• Pellets drain freely without holding excess water, an optimum air-to-water ratio
• Provides high oxygen levels around the roots (especially useful in a flood & drain hydroponic systems)

Please Note: When estimating the necessary amount of Viastone for your particular application understand that the 50 liter and 10 liter quantity is based on the standard Horticultural trade gallon = 0.71 U.S. liquid gallons.

Height 24"
Length 20"
Weight 36 lbs
Width 8"

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ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings Good Price
by Bow from
I purchased a pallet of this product for my ebb and flow systems. It works great! The plants are doing wonderful!

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  • Simple question that i cant find the answer to. I have 2 grow beds that are 11D x 24W x 72L How much viastone media do I need and what are your shipping charges
    Hello, Thank you for your question. You have a grow bed that is 11x 24 x 72. That is roughly 12 cubic feet`;` which equals about 77 dry us gallons. 77 dry gallons in about 339 dry liters so you are going to need about 7 bags of Viastone. That said it is always better to error on the side of having a bit too much, than to pay shipping twice. As far as shipping prices go it will depend on where you are and how you would like the Viastone shipped. May I recommend you call one of our well trained staff members to provide you with an exact quote or use our website to estimate the shipping costs now that you know the number of bags necessary If you need any further assistance please let me know. Regards, David