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Kratky Method Hydroponic System
by: atlantis edu

Our Price: $19.99

The Viagrow™ Kratky Method Hydroponic System utilizes one of the newest and most exciting new methods of hydroponic growing, developed by Dr. Bernard Kratky at the University of Hawaii. With this method, which works best for leafy green plants such as lettuce, simply plant seedlings in the 3" Net Pots using the Super Plugs and ViaStone provided, fill the bucket to the top with a pH adjusted mix of water and fertilizer (not included), place the lid with the seedlings in place securely on the bucket, and walk away. The sealed bucket provides an ideal growing environment, minimizing moisture lost to evaporation, and the roots continue to elongate into the water/fertilizer mixture as the water/fertilizer mixture is absorbed by the plants. The airspace between the top of the water and the top of the container provides the necessary oxygen for the plants, and they will make stunning aerial roots in order to absorb the necessary oxygen. The plants should be ready to harvest before the water is completely gone.

The Viagrow™ Kratky Method Hydroponic System includes:

• 1 3.2 gallon Black Bucket
• 1 3.2 gallon Black Bucket Lid
• 2.5 liters ViaStone Expanded Clay Grow Rocks
• 4 3" Net Pots
• 4 Super Plugs

Please note that this method is not suitable for flowering or fruiting crops.

Height 11"

Length 12"

Weight 5 lbs

Width 12"

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Product Questions & Answers
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  • Does Dr. Kratky know that youre selling these
    Hello Robin, Thank you for your question. Yes`;` Bernard Kratky the inventor of the Kratky method of hydroponic growing is well aware that we are selling this system. The method of growing referred to as the Kratky Method officially known as non-circulating hydroponics is patent protected. The good doctor has officially licensed us to sell this system bearing his name. Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics
  • I am new to hydroponics. I want to grow kale and chard this winter by Kratky method. What would be the best fertilizer
    Hello Dexter, Thank you for your question. Kale and Chard are both leafy greens so it would be best to use a vegetative or high nitrogen fertilizer to produce lush leafy growth. I would recommend something like a Botanicare Power Plant or a General Hydroponics Flora Nova as the fertilizer best suited to your needs. If you have any other questions please let me know. Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics
  • OK, so I bought Flora Nova. But it is not specific to Kratke. It says use 1 tsp/gal for most plants during early growth, and 2 tsp/gal for most plants during later growth.
    Hello Dexter, We have had very good success with the Kratky system utilizing General Hydroponics’ Flora Nova. As the Kratky system is designed to grow lettuce and leafy greens I would suggest using Flora Nova Grow. The rate I recommend is 1.5 tsp per gallon. If you have any other questions please let me know. Thank you. Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics
  • A bucket system for tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers with 150-200 buckets for each type of plant can produce how much of the above-mentioned items What would I require to set up a system like that
    Hello Andrew, Thank you for your question. The Kratky system is not designed to grow tomatoes, eggplant, or peppers`;` only lettuce. Were you to choose an appropriate hydroponic system for the production of larger growing annual vegetables or fruits then you could expect the following metrics if all goes well. A tomato plant can yield roughly 30lbs per plant per year in about 4 square feet of space. An eggplant can yield between 5 and 25 fruits depending on variety. A pepper colored bell peppers can yield roughly 2 lbs of fruit per square foot of growing space. If you would like to have a system designed for your specific needs feel free to contact our horticulturist at 1800-305-4450. Thank you. Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics
  • Are the lids pre drilled or do I have to make the holes myself for the new pot
    Hello Derek, Thank you for your inquiry. The Kratky Hydroponic System comes with the holes pre-drilled for your convenience. Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics
  • How do you keep rain water from getting in a flooding the bucket
    Hello A, Thanks for your question. If you are planning on using the Kratky hydroponic system outside then you will need to construct some sort of roof structure to ensure water does not enter the bucket. Otherwise the system can be used outside because once the plants are growing well they will act as lids preventing the majority of rain water from entering the bucket. Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics
  • How far do you fill up the bucket Almost all the way to the top or an inch or two from the top
    Youll want to have the water level to where the roots of the plant are touching the water. As the plants roots grow youll adjust the water level accordingly.
  • Will I need an air bubbler for this set-up Also, are detailed instructions included This will be for my daughters science fair project so she would like to have some.
    No. The Kratky does not need an air pump like other hydroponic systems. We dont have printable instructions for this item but we do explain how to use it in the description for this item on our website. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.
  • Are these food grade plastic containers
    These containers arent considered food grade.