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Viagrow® Black Bucket Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System
by: viagrow

Item V1DWC
Our Price: $45.99

The Black Bucket Bubble System or Deep Water Culture System includes a net pot lid, a 5 gallon bucket that serves as a reservoir, air pump, air stone, and tubing for an inexpensive and bubbly Deep Water Culture Kit. The net pot simply snaps onto the bucket and the air pump pumps the reservoir full of the highly oxygenated nutrient solution. Maintain or drain water using the attached water level indicator. ViaStone grow rocks and pH test kit included (nutrients of your choice sold separately).

Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Systems are very effective and reasonably priced hydroponic systems. They are designed around the principle that roots can be submerged under water as long as that water is highly oxygenated. The ideal water level in a Deep Water Culture system will vary with the size of the root mass of the plant in the system. When the plant is young with a small root system, the water level should be high enough that it covers about 1" of the bottom of the net pot. As the plant roots grow down into the oxygenated mixture of water and fertilizer, the water level should be adjusted about 1-2" per week until the water level in the bucket is between half and two-thirds full. This is where the water level should remain for the rest of the growing cycle.


Height 14"

Length 10"

Weight 5 lbs

Width 10"

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ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings 5 Gallon Deep Water Hydro Great
by Seth from
I ordered the 5 gallon deep water bucket hydro kit. It’s a great price and I’m very happy.

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings One Heavenly Bucket
by JVM from
Overall great product and even better customer service. Thanks guys as you have made my online shopping experience both seamless and painless. Thanks all!

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings dwc
by jacob from spokane
If you are going to start growing hydroponically and you're new to it, the deep water culture hydro system is a good system. It's what I started out with and love it.

Product Questions & Answers
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  • Can I use the sure to grow cube in this bucket and if so what size?
    Yes, the Black Bucket Hydroponic Bubbler System can use Sure to Grow Media or any other hydroponic growing medium. We suggest if you are using Sure to Grow media, that you use the mini cubes or loose fill.
  • Sku # VBBDW500 How wide is the bucket?
    12" inches in diameter