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Viagrow® 2ft Complete Seed Starting and Cloning Grow Light Kit
by: viagrow

Our Price: $64.99

This Viagrow® Propagation and Cloning Grow Light Kit is perfect for starting seeds and cloning cuttings. It combines the Super Plugs with propagation tray and insert, tall propagation dome, 2 ft. High Output T5 fluorescent strip light, and a customizable stand that accommodates up to two High Output T5 strip lights. Super Plugs are a biodegradable starter plug composed of organic materials that produce beneficial microbes to colonize roots for healthy seedlings and clones. Customize the versatile L-stands for an easy way to suspend the T5 light above your propagation dome. Use the tall side of the L-stands for use with a tall propagation dome (included) or turn the stands on their short sides for use with a short propagation dome. Purchase the short dome separately. Add a heat mat for excelled growth.

• High Output fluorescent grow lights produce just the right amount of light for seed starting and rooting cuttings
• The unique L-stand can be customized depending on plant height
• For best results, keep plugs moist, but not soaked and purchase a heat mat for excelled growth
• As a general guideline seedling and clones enjoy temperatures of 70-80 degrees and a humidity range of 50%-60%; please be sure to research your particular plant as temperature and humidity requirements will vary during propagation for different plants
• Kit will accommodate 72 seed starts or clones
• Purchase the short dome separately; add a heat mat for excelled growth

Height 13"

Length 24"

Weight 3 lb

Width 11"

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Product Questions & Answers
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  • How many bulb fixture in the light? one or two?
    The Complete Propagation Kit comes with Standard Tray, Standard Dome with a hole through the top, and a 2 ft. Single Bulb T5 Fluorescent light.
  • What kind of bulb is in here (sku # PROPKIT) specifically and can you take the initial bulb out and install another one (Sku # AFL24)? Thanks.
    The bulb that comes with this particular light is a 2 ft 6500k Blue T5 bulb. You can change it out with most T5 2 ft bulbs.