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Organic Grow Room, 2' x 4' x 5.5'
by: viagrow

Our Price: $599.99

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The Organic Grow Room is top of the line! We have filled the light blocking and reflective grow tent and customized it for the best in indoor gardening! Comes ready to grow with 8 2 gallon pots & 10" saucers, 400 watt switchable light system with HPS bulb, ratchet hook light hanger movers, 4" carbon air filter, 4" inline fan, ducting, thermometer/hygrometer, mini clip fan, light timer and Viagrow® Coco coir grow media . Choose your nutrients based on preference.

Height 66"

Length 27"

Weight 81 lb

Width 50.5"

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Product Questions & Answers
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  • Does this come with the ballast, if so which one???
    Yes, this comes with the ViaVolt™ Electronic ballast.
  • (When buying with 600 watt air cooled upgrade) Do I need intake and exhaust fans or extra ducting, clamps, etc.....? I can't order until I know that I have everything I need to just assemble and play.
    Yes, this comes with everything you need to get growing - the upgrade includes additional fan, ducting, and clamps as well!
  • If I were to purchase this with the 600w Air Cooled/Fan System, would that include everything needed to hook up that into the tent while still using the carbon filter? Or would I have to purchase anything extra to hook it up and/or ensure no smell gets out?
    Yes, the upgrade includes everything you need.
  • Does the 2x4x65 organic grow kit come with both 400 watt MH and HPS bulb to switch out?
    No, the Organic Grow Room comes with an HPS grow light and you purchase the mh light seperately.
  • How much is the temperature inside the organic grow room 2x4x6.5 with system light on
    Hello Jose, Thank you for your inquiry. The temperature in the tent will largely depend on the ambient temperature of the room where the unit is placed. You can expect a temperature in the grow tent to be 10-20 degrees warmer than that of the room where it is placed. To lower the heat load you can add an air-cooled reflector and second exhaust fan. Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics
  • Is There any warranty
    Hello Rick, Thank you for your question. The Organic Grow Room, 2` x 4` x 6.5`is an amalgamation of products as such those products have different warranties. The ballast for the light and the inline fan both have 3 year warranties, the bulb has a 1 year warranty. All other materials included in the package do not have any warranty as they are unlikely to fail how can a plastic pot have a warranty... If you have any questions please let us know. Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics
  • Is there a way to regulate internal temperature when the tent is set up in a non-climate controlled environment attic
    Hello Ross, Thank you for your question. If growing in the Organic Grow Room, 2 x 4`x 6.5` system in an attic then yes you will need to add equipment to regulate the internal tent growing environment. There are several pieces of equipment that may be necessary: an air-cooled reflector and fan, an air conditioner, a heater, etc. Depending on the climate of where you live and the season some or all of the afore mentioned pieces of equipment may be necessary. Please give us a call at 1888-305-4450 to discuss your specific needs so that we can help you get the most out of your grow. Best Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics
  • I am looking at the 2x4x6.5 organic grow room I am wondering if the 4 inch inline fan will keep it cool enough with the 400 watt hps . my ambient tempature is around 73 in an indoor climate . will I need too buy another fan or a cool tube
    Levi, If your ambient temperature is 73°, running a 400 watt light shouldnt warrant the need of air cooling your light. You will notice a slight increase in ambient temperature but this will depend on the overall size of the space where the tent is located. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.