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Hydro Grow Room Complete with Emily's Garden, 2' x 2' x 4'
by: viagrow

Item VEM2X2
Our Price: $499.99

The Hydro Grow Room Tent with Emily's Garden complete system is top of the line! We have filled the light blocking & reflective grow tent and customized it for the best in indoor gardening! Comes ready to grow with 2' x 2' x 4' tent, multi-pin timer, ratchet hook light hanger movers, Emily's Garden hydroponic system, 4" carbon air filter, mini fan, digital thermometer/hygrometer, a 150 watt HPS light system, 4" non-insulated ducting, and a 4" inline fan. Choose your nutrients and media based on preference, they are not included. 

Height 55.5"
Length 24"
Weight 45 lbs
Width 24"

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ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings Buy Something Else
by Kenny from
I had to replace the bulb, upgrade the fish pump and the carbon filter. Gravity won't let you drain when the reservoir is on the floor. I also had to buy different air stones because the originals didn't put out enough bubbles.

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings Perfect Beginner Hydro System
by Hope from Atlanta
Despite this review, I took a chance on this product and it is a great beginner kit. As I understand, the bulb needs replacing yearly, but they are inexpensive so it's not a big deal. I have been trying to piece together a kit with limited understanding since I am a beginner. This is perfect and my plants are thriving!

Product Questions & Answers
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  • Is this product easy to assembly ? Or does it come already assembled ? Does your company ships tp MIAMI - FL ? Is that an active system ? Is that easy to handle ?
    This product comes partially assembled, but is very easy to put together. It is easy and perfect for a beginner! We ship to Miami.
  • Can the light be upgraded?
    Yes! You may either purchse the grow tent items a la cart or phone in your order to Atlantis Hydroponics customer service at 1-888-305-4450.
  • if ou buy this product, does it allow for the whole process all the way up to flowering, or would you have to buy other products along with it.
    Hello Jonathan, Thank you for your question. The Hydro Grow Room Complete with Emily`s Garden, 2` x 2` x 4`will allow for a crop to be taken from seedling through maturity. That being said, the tent is only 4 feet tall so the size of the plants at maturity must be taken into consideration, as well as the number of plants being grown. You would still want to apply stage appropriate fertilizer but this package system is a great way for anyone to have a small garden of either vegetative or flowering/fruiting plants. Best Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics