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Calcium Nitrate 15.5–0–0, 50 lb
by: southern agricultural insecticides, inc.

Item 22418
Our Price: $39.99

Calcium Nitrate is fully water soluble nitrogen and calcium fertilizer. It is free flowing, fine granular material which dissolves quickly in water without any residues. Calcium Nitrate is suitable to apply through all fertigation systems.

• Calcium increases cell wall thickness and strength leadin to a heavier, better quality product with increased shelf life.  Improves plants resistance to disease and insect infestation, while simultaneosly improving soil structure.
• Nitrate Nitrogen is imediatly available for uptake by plants, resulting in fast vegetative growth.  It is the prefered horticultural source of Nitrogen for plant growth.  Additionally improves uptake of potassium, calcium and magnesium.
• Calcium Nitrate can be mixed with all water soluble fertilizers, except stock solutions containing either phosphate or sulphate.
• Excellent preventative and cure for Blossom end rot in tomatoes, tip burn in lettuce, & internal rust spots in potatoes

• Excellent source of Calcium and nitrogen
• Prevents Calcium deficiency

CONTAINS: 15.5% Nitrogen, 19%
Calcium – readily water soluble.
USE ON: Most vegetables and flowers.
FOR: Supplying nitrogen and calcium to
growing crops. Particularly useful as
side dressing.

RATE: One cup per 50 feet of row or

one tsp. per plant

APPLICATION: Apply over root zone but

not too close to stem.

Height 6"

Length 22"

Width 13"

Weight 50 lb
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  • what is a high end safe amount of your calcium nitrate to mix in a gallon of water to hand water 10 gallon potted plants. Thanks
    You would want to add 3 grams of Calcium Nitrate per every 5 gallons of water.