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Iron Chelate Sequestrene 330 Fe, 5 lb
by: sequestrene

Item 63905
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Sequestrene 330 Fe – 10 % IRON CHELATE

For correction of iron deficiency in various crops; best in slightly acid to slightly alkaline soils

Chelated iron promotes lush, dark green foliage. Can be used on Roses, Ornamentals and Trees

USE: 1 teaspoon per gallon of water per plant in the spring and again in early fall.

Sequestrene 330 Fe Iron Chelate is a source of iron in a water soluble form readily available to plants. It can be applied as a soil application or as a foliar spray. Sequestrene 330 Fe generally performs best on slightly acid to slightly alkaline and calcareous (mostly or partly composed of calcium carbonate) soils where pH is 6.0-7.5. Rates of application depend upon severity of deficiency, but should be kept within the recommended range for each crop.

To be absorbed from the soil, the Sequestrene 330 Fe must get into the root zone. The chelated product can be placed in the root zone during planting, or it can be moved into the soil by rainfall, irrigation, or tillage.

Soil applications of Sequestrene 330 Fe can be made in water or in combination with dry or liquid fertilizers. For row crops, soil applications are most effective when made in a band placed in the soil at planting time, or as a side-dressing shortly after plants emerge or after transplanting. When treating soil around trees, apply within the drip line, and lightly incorporate into the soil or water in.

Foliar spray applications in water should be made as thorough cover sprays, carefully following the directions given below. Adding a wetting agent (such as Coco Wet [732000] or Saturator [719405] to the solution may be helpful to insure even distribution on the leaf surfaces and increase the effectiveness of foliar applications. Sequestrene 330 Fe is compatible with most commonly used insecticides and fungicides and can be applied in combination with them. However, because available pesticide combinations differ so widely, before applying chelate/pesticide combinations to large crop areas a small test area should be sprayed to determine that no phytotoxicity or undesirable effects result from the combination spray. Do not use in combination with products containing parathion-ethyl or diethyl parathion.

To facilitate mixing, add the required amount of powder to a small amount of water and mix until completely dissolved. The pre-mix solution can then be added, using agitation, to the final water or liquid fertilizer solution.




Weight 5 lb
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