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DEva Double Ended 1000W HPS Light System, 120/240V
by: revolution

Our Price: $499.99

The DEva grow light is a 1000w Double Ended HPS or MH Light fixture which can be run on multiple wattage settings including 60%, 75% 100% or can be put into overdrive at 115% by the simple press of a button.  It includes a built-in reflector, a 2,100 micro mole HPS lamp (the exact same lamp as the Ushio Double Ended AHS-DE 1000W -PRO-PLUS; our best double ended lamp) and a unique square wave, low frequency, digital dimmable ballast all in a single sleek housing. 

Double ended HID lamps are capable of producing 1.7 µmol/watt compared to traditional core and coil ballasts (magnetic) which produced 1.02 µmol/watt or the more recently innovated high frequency electronic ballasts of the 90s/2000s which can produce 1.3 µmol/watt.  Double ended lamps also boast decreased lamp degradation where at 10,000 hours (under ideal environmental conditions) of operation their output is only reduced by 4% compared to traditional single ended HPS lamps which at 10,000 hours have lost roughly 25% of their original output.

Square wave technology takes DE lighting to a new level.  Almost all modern electronic HID ballasts (those that fire single ended or double ended lamps) provide power to the lamp using a sine wave design operating at an ultra-high frequency of roughly 120,000 hertz; square wave ballasts provides a more constant maximum voltage to the lamp for a longer period of time which produces more photons of light for your plants.  Additionally because the DEva operates at low frequency it will not cause any issues related to RF interference; it has a lower RF output than an IPad.  The square wave design will improve the performance of any brand of DE lamp.  The Deva lighting system will produce an even, steady arc stream inside the arc tube because of its ability to provide a consistent power supply; this produces an even and consistent spectral output.  Lesser ballasts produce acoustic resonance inside the lamp (the waving and swirling of the arc stream) which will cause color shift, frequent lamp restarts, and eventually premature lamp failure. 

DEva Micro Revolution Benefits:
• The double ended construction is chosen to maximize optical efficiency in the reflector, because unlike single ended lamps there is no frame support wire running alongside the arc tube, which may cast a shadow in the beam.
• 96% of original Lumen Output after 10,000 hours use (800+ days of 12/12) That is in comparison to a standard 1000 watt HPS lamp which at 5,000 hours has lost 20%+ of its output)
• Improved spectral output when compared to Hortilux 1000 watt Super HPS
• Up to 55% more PAR Output with the same electrical draw when comparing a 1000 watt Hortilux Super HPS lamp ran in an 8” Magnum XXL Reflector powered by a Galaxy 1000 watt Grow Amp Ballast compared to a Sunlight Supply AC/DE Reflector with a Philips Green Power DE Lamp powered by a Galaxy 1000 watt Grow Amp Ballast at 24 inches off of the canopy.
• Dimmable digital push button operation.
• UL listed FCC approved.

Square Wave Technology Benefits:

• More constant maximum voltage to the lamp for a longer period of time = more photons of light for your plants.
• No issues related to RF interference; the DEva has a lower RF output than an IPad. 
• The Deva’s square wave design will improve the performance of any brand of DE lamp.
• The DEva will produce an even and consistent spectral output.
• Less Acoustic Resonance
• Gentle on lamps and prolonged PAR maintenance (longer lamp life).



Height 5.25"

Length 25.5"

Weight 16 lbs

Width 12"

Product Reviews
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ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings Just received my DeVa
by Dee from Detroit
Oh man Im so excited about my new light I read about it and wanted one ever since. I just received my first light today I got only one 2 test it out before I invested my money more than one so I will let you guys know what I think about it shortly 2day is October 23-16 and I just received it I should have her up n running sooner later

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings Revolution Micro . .love
by Lewis from
Just got my revolution micro De1000w light been running a cpl weeks with the RCL -1control where can I start,fast shipping ,excellent customer service,plug and play super easy to get up and running and boy my plants are loving growth daily...running at 24 inch above canopy running 75.6degrees the RCL -1control can see what is going on at a glimpse . quiet , quality built equipment . .will definitely be purchasing again..if your thinking of a new light look no this company..this is how ppl are to be treated....

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings Loving revolution micro De1000w
by Lewis from
Receive my De1000w from revolution micro along with the RCL -1control few weeks ago..oh boy where can I start..from just opening the box I knew it was build with quality in mind..super fast shipping,bulb included,customer service is excellent ,easy setup,,basically plug and play my plants are loving it new growth daily cant say enough the RCL -1control easy to all your lights from a touch of a button..this is not your old hps..they run cooler ,quiter,brighter,,.definitely will be adding another hopefully soon..

Product Questions & Answers
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  • what are the dimensions of the space it will light up
    A 1000 Watt light has a coverage area big enough to cover a 5 x 5 area. Please keep in mind that this light needs to be placed no closer than 36 from the top of you plant canopy. DE lights, such as the Deva, emit a lot of heat so make sure you are able to mitigate this heat.