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Product Code: VRDWC-4

The Viagrow ® recirculation Deep Water Culture Kit. The Black Bucket Deep Water 4 pot system uses a series of bucket systems connected to a main reservoir for the ultimate in recirculation irrigation. Each bucket includes a net pot lid, a 5 gallon bucket that serves as a reservoir.  The net pot simply snaps onto the bucket, the pump in the main 5 gallon reservoir pumps the highly oxygenated nutrient solution through out the system. Maintain or drain water using the attached water level indicator on the main 5 gallon reservoir. ViaStone grow rocks included (nutrients of your choice sold separately).

Recirculation Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Systems are very effective and reasonably priced hydroponic systems. They are designed around the principle that roots can be submerged under water as long as that water is highly oxygenated. The ideal water level in a Deep Water Culture system will vary with the size of the root mass of the plant in the system. When the plant is young with a small root system, the water level should be high enough that it covers about 1` of the bottom of the net pot. As the plant roots grow down into the oxygenated mixture of water and fertilizer, the water level should be adjusted about 1-2 times per week until the water level in the bucket is between half and two-thirds full. This is where the water level should remain for the rest of the growing cycle.  

• Based on the same principles as professional hydroponic greenhouses, Deep Water Culture technology produces astounding yields by circulating an oxygen-rich nutrient solution to the planters 24 hr a day.
• Ph kit included for monitoring you pH
• Water level indicator (blue tube) is located on main 5 gallon reservoir and allows for the water level to be seen   without lifting the top of each bucket, the water can be drained or controlled from this tube
• For best results system should be placed on a level floor.
• Constant recirculation oxygenates the water and ensures a good mix of nutri

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