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Organocide Concentrate, 24 oz OMRI Listed®
by: organocide

Item 704100
Our Price: $22.99

Organocide spray is an environmentally safe and highly effective way to safeguard your plants and fruits, or protect any general area. Its natural versatility allows it to triple as an insecticide and fungicide. In fact, it can rid any chosen area of future problematic circumstances from eggs, larvae and nymphs of insects. Garden pest control has never been easier. More importantly, Organocide spray controls a wide range of mites and insects which could potentially damage or disease your crop or home. Harmful fungi like mildew, helminthosporium, and other fungal diseases do not stand a chance against our Organocide spray. Furthermore, because Organocide is an organic plant oil based substance, it is safe to use around children, pets, vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, flowers and other important crops.

A nature-safe, organic spray oil effective on a wide variety of insects, mites, armored and soft scales and certain fungal diseases. It is insecticidal to the eggs, larvae, and nymphs of insects and adults of soft bodied insects. Controls a wide range of mite and insect pests, and certain fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, black spot on roses, helminthesporium and greasy spot on citrus. Use on vegetables, fruits, nuts, vine crops, herbs, ornamentals, greenhouse crops, landscape plants, bulbs, flowers and field crops. Active ingredient: sesame oil 5.0% / inert ingredients: edible fish oil 92.0% and Lecithin 3.0%.




Weight 2 lb
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ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings Danger! Do Not Use!
by Walter Neting from
Two years in a row I destroyed my beautiful vegetable garden. This product burns and/or covers the plant with a vanish-like coating that cannot be removed.

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings Be Aware Where You Use It
by Jon Beresniewicz from
With this chemical I have killed my month old zucchini, cucumbers and eggplants. Do not use it in the garden - you are taking unneccesery chances.

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