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Our goal at Atlantis Hydroponics® is to provide excellent customer service and overall user experience. We feel that we are doing a good job... Check out what our customers are saying and see for yourself!

If you would like to provide us with details of your shopping experience or tell us how we are doing, please feel free to contact us.

Atlantis Hydroponics® Excellent Customer Service
Atlantis Hydroponics® Excellent Customer Service

Your customer service is over the top --- In this new day of corporate greed and corruption being exposed on all levels the only way out is for people to operate out of intergrity. You will have my business forever. 

- Raenya

Just wanted to say thank you for my experience today. I drove over from Birmingham, AL today to the ATL store and the sales people that helped were great. They were more than helpful and answered ALL my questions completely and in a way that I could understand. Again thanks and I will be back soon.

- Eddie P.

I'm a farmer by nature, I come from a family of farmers. As a child, each year I hated working in the garden, garden-fields, that grew everything we ate, a garden fed us year round. Working in the garden was hard, but you couldn't beat the taste of our tomatoes, corn, cucumbers. But, I couldn't wait to grow up, leave the little country town, move to the city, there would be no more field work for me.

About 4 years ago, I started missing growing my own food, I missed the fresh taste that I remembered as a kid. And the prices in the grocery stores..higher higher higher..ridiculous money to pay sometimes for a tomato. So I decided to grow my own food, and each year I would struggle to grow in a drought, watering, fertilizing and getting nothing (other than joy)...but not much fruit. Then a friend told me about Atlantis Hydroponics®. After some research. I figured go check it out. Let me say I'm a customer for life. Why? Friendly PERSONAL & Helpful Customer service. Every time I called, each time I came in, if I had questions, they were answered, the staff is just amazing. I'm new to growing hydroponically, but I'm excited about it. I want to grow everything now. This is just a small thank you for helping me grow my own food. I used to do that a long time ago. Now I can grow 365/year in-door. I'm excited ! All the best & thanks for all you do!!

- Cheryl M.

For 8th grade, my daughter had to prepare a science fair project. She chose to experiment and grow plants using hydroponics. She found Atlantis Hydroponics® on the internet. We visited the store at 1422 Woodmont Lane NW, they were friendly to us. We found David to be very knowledgable and helpful as he took her on a tour to determine what she needed. He also gave her plant shoots to get started. We appreciate their help in getting her project started and would highly recommend the store.

- The Myer Family

You have been great, awesome customer service and my package was delivered in 2 days! I will be recommending you guys to everyone I know, and I plan on purchasing more things from you guys! Thanks once again for easy and fast service!

- Eddie G.

Fast shipping and service. Item was well packaged and in perfect condition, will do business with this company again.

- Lynn C.


I buy everything I grow with from you guys and this past weekend I loaded up my van with the peppers, tomatoes and herbs I’ve been growing this winter to the farmers market and sold every single thing I took to the market. You guys keep my plants growing strong and beautiful.

- Randy B.

Got here fast and just as described! Even got a free catalog and neat-o sticker just for ordering! Plus, they're less expensive than the local store. I will definitely continue to buy from this seller!” !

- Stephanie S.


David at the Atlanta store is the most knowledgeable guy and has helped me to become an expert grower. Thanks as always for the great service and awesome selection, you always have the products that I need in stock

- John D.

I ordered a light system and it came 3 days later, AMAZING! Nice website too!

- Deena G.

I have placed 3 on-line orders in the last couple of weeks (and about to place a 4th) and I just wanted to let y'all know that I am very pleased with the customer service and speed at which you send my items. I have received the items I ordered within one or two days and when I placed an order for an item that you were having trouble getting from a supplier, you called me and told me this and sent another item in it's place. Great job! You now have a new long term customer. Keep up the great work.

- Patti E.


I would like to take the time to thank the Orchid Expert, David at the Atlanta location, for showing me around the shop and explaining hydroponics in general. He gave me seeds for the Bhut Jolkia Pepper and I really appreciate this. Raising peppers is a great hobby of mine. Special thanks to the office staff including a young lady named Ciara who administered milk as a first aid measure.

- Theodore Sames

I want to first thank you again for the lengthy interest you put into my quetions and educating me. I really got a whole lot more than I bargained for when I decided to come to Atlanta. When I left, I was equipped with everything I knew I would need. So thank you.

- Danny R.