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We have hand-selected the gardening and hydroponics industry links and resources listed below so that our customers can stay current with the industry! We have provided links to some of our gardening friends and to the manufacturers of the products we offer. On the manufacturers' sites, you will find complete and detailed information about their products.

For a detailed Feed Schedule or to find out more about a nutrient line, visit the Fertilizer section.

Hydroponics Vendors

We are proud members of the Progressive Gardening Trade Association and Georgia Organics. Find out more about these wonderful organizations!

Find out what you can do to stamp out hunger with the Hydro For Hunger.


Sunlight Supply, Inc. National Garden Wholesale

Our preferred vendor is Sunlight Supply.



Advanced Nutrients A major manufacturer of hydroponic fertilizers. They are working hard to revolutionize the plant nutrients and hydroponics industry.

American Hydroponics These guys create unique and well engineered products with unsurpassed quality control in their own factory.

Big Blue Air Makers of seriously efficient odor control and and high volume ozone production.

Botanicare (American Agritech) Makers of environmentally friendly bio-nutrients and plant supplements for hydroponic gardening applications, as well as hydroponic systems and clone machines.

Can Filters CF Group Inc. is a leader in air filtration innovation. They supply tried and tested products so that you can feel confident you are getting the best ventilation for your needs.

Canna Nutrients Manufacturers of some of the best hydroponic nutrients.

C.A.P. Manufacturer and supplier of quality products for the gardening and greenhouse industry.

Chillking These water chillers are designed to provide reliability and efficiency, helping cut energy costs and making your business more profitable and competitive.

Dutch Master Creators of a high quality range of hydroponic nutrients and additives using the best water and nutrient ingredients.

Eye-Hortilux The makers of the best bulbs on the market manufactured specifically for plant lighting out of their factory in Holland.

EZ-CLONE Through years of experience and testing, they have turned the once difficult aspect of growing and cloning into a pleasurable and maintenance free process.

Fox Farm Some of the best soil mixes on earth are made by Fox Farm. They also make a wide range of plant nutrients for both hydroponic and soil gardening applications.

Garden Shopping Club Taking the gardening business very seriously, Garden Shopping Club does their best to ensure that you can always find the gardening tools you need at the right prices.

General Hydroponics GH is a major manufacturer of hydroponic equipment, nutrients, and supplies, selling through dealers worldwide. They have been leaders in the industry for over 30 years.

Georgia Organics A community based company connecting organic food from Georgia farms to Georgia families.

Greenhouse Grower With a print magazine, newsletter, and website, Greenhouse Grower represents the best interests of the commercial greenhouse ornamentals industry with a focus on the knowledge and tools to sustain and enhance the industry’s vitality and profitable growth.

Growonix  Consistent and pervasive quality sets these makers of high-performing filters apart from all the other manufacturers.

Hanna Instruments Since 1978, millions of professionals worldwide have relied on HANNA's quality, performance, dependability and service for all their laboratory, food and environmental testing needs.

House and Garden High quality nutrients manufactured to be high performing and suitable for any growing environment.

Hydrodynamics International The result of the merging of two leading hydroponics companies, Hydrodynamics International brings the best Australian and European products to the U.S.

Hydrofarm Hydrofarm systems incorporate only premium quality components. Their professional-grade hydroponics and UL-listed lighting fixtures will give you years of dependable service.

HydroTek HydroTek distributes and manufactures the hottest hydro equipment on the market. Affordable, top quality products!

Just4Growers Just4Growers is an online community that seeks to bring the world's plant lovers together.

Lumatek The world market leader in professional HID electronic ballasts.

Maximum Yield Magazine The hydroponic industry magazine standard, Maximum Yield, is online with hundreds of articles and helpful tips for your hydroponic garden.

OMRI Keeping track of all organic products, OMRI is an organization that certifies which organic products are the best for your plants.

Optic Foliar Specializing in the highest quality and best performing foliar sprays.

Orca Grow Film This company has taken the latest reflective technology from the solid-state lighting field and created a high performance reflective surface to supplement the primary lighting source in hydroponic greenhouses and grow rooms.

PonicPods Dedicated to helping the world grow organic food.

Power Box Manufacturers of high quality ballasts and timers.

Purgro Leading in some of the best hydroponic technology and computer controlled grow rooms that will keep your plants in perfect condition.

Rosebud Magazine Rosebud Magazine is your one source for everything hydroponics- from highly effective growing information to the lifestyle and freedom that surrounds it.

State of Georgia Center of Innovation for Agribusinesses A central resource for accelerating growth in the agribusiness industry.

Sure To Grow Creators of a revolutionary new plant growth medium, Sure To Grow offers an alternative to soilless mixes for conventional gardens and as an alternative to other grow mediums.

Technaflora Plant Products Ltd. A Canadian owned and operated company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Boasting a full line of exceptional plant nutrients and additives with unique products such as Thrive Alive™ and Rootech™. Technaflora is a leader in the specialty gardening industry.

The Grow Scene A monthly e-newsletter featuring the latest products, useful growing tips, and the hottest news in indoor gardening brought to you by Sunlight Supply.

TurboKlone Makers of some of the finest and most innovative cloning machines out there!

Truly Living Well An organic gardening resource in Atlanta, GA.

Urban Garden Magazine Written by growers and read by growers. The newest hydroponic industry magazine is chock full of cutting edge articles, tips, and more.

Xtreme Gardening Makers of revolutionary mycorrhizal products.

Vermicrop Organics Improving the horticultural industry with superior inoculants and growing mediums inspired by nature.

Viagrow A company devoted to introducing high quality hydroponics supplies to distributors and their prospective consumer markets. Viagrow is the manufacturer of the amazing Light Hanger!



FARM Atlanta A new organization in Atlanta that provides a local farm to the Atlanta community, creating a fully sustainable urban food source.

Lee and Gordon Greens A hydroponic greenhouse located in Chickamauga, Georgia, that provides the highest quality produce year round. They have capacity to grow over 9,000 plants in their 5,600 sq. ft. greenhouse!

Podponics A Georgia company offering fresh hydroponic produce year round to local businesses.

Sweet Water Organics A hybrid business model encompassing an urban aquaponic farm, a sprout farm, a non-profit educational resource, a community space and more, all in a converted factory in Milwaukee, WI.

Tasty Tomato A company based in Colorado bringing some of the finest hydroponic tomatoes to the table. They are wildly popular at ski resorts, hotels, and restaurants and have a passion for their pesticide-free heirloom tomatoes.



Cornell University

Texas A&M University

University of Arizona

Utah State University



American Homebrewers Association

Brewer's Lair

Excellent Collection of Gardening Articles

Grow Shops




Big Blue Ozone Channel

General Hydroponics

Sunlight Supply

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