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Emily's Garden Hydroponic System
by: hydrofarm

Our Price: $89.99

This 16" x 24" x 6" garden with 6 individual planters allows you to rotate or add new plants as you please. It will fit just about anywhere - on a bench, a shelf, and table or out on the patio.

System Includes
• 2 Gallon Reservoir
• Air Pump & Tubing
• Seed Starter Cubes
• Nutrient pH Test Kit
• Growing Medium + Six 6" x 6" x 7" Planters
• Formed Cover
• Water level indicator
• Illustrated Instructions




Weight 36.33 lb
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ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings Emily's Garden In Action
by T Baleno from
My hobby is hydroponics, I'm not a professional and I don't have a lot of money or free time. I've seen hydroponic systems from $40 to over $500. When I was making my decision I wanted to get something that would be inexpensive, but also be versatile an

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings Good Investment!
by Kristie from
Emily's Garden is a perfect hydroponic kit for those wanting to grow a wide range of edible or ornamental plants indoors. This system utilizes a highly oxygenated reservoir and capillary action to water your plants. As a bonus it is extremely simple to se

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