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Hydrodynamics: Ionic Bloom 3-2-6, 5 gallon
by: hydrodynamics

Item 718190
Our Price: $154.99

Ionic is manufactured by a revolutionary process in which a series of carefully controlled reactions creates large complex molecules that hold the pure mineral elements, bonded together in a highly stable solution. This provides a complete balanced nutrient complex, to be delivered directly into the root zone in the most accessible form. Nutrients are uptaken by the plants in exactly the ratio that they can best be utilized for dynamic growth and high yields.
Ionic is a single pack solution, a clear translucent liquid containing a precise formulation for Hydroponics. Only the purest minerals are used in the manufacturing process and there is no waste and no toxic residue. Ionic is also pH buffered.
IONIC BLOOM is dedicated to the fruiting and flowering stage of plant growth, containing enhanced levels of Phosphorous and Potassium, the elements required for development of buds and flowers.




Weight 51.90 lb
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