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Snow Storm Ultra 0-0-3, quart
by: humboldt countys own

Item 719944
Our Price: $46.99

If you like Purple Maxx/Snow Storm, but color is not your primary goal, then Snow Storm Ultra is for you. We isolated the “snow storm” effect and optimized it for maximum results. Absolutely nothing else like it is currently on the market. It does not contain carbohydrates or molasses. Three years of development went into this Humboldt County original; best of all, this additive works with all your favorite nutrient lines. When used with Gravity, Snow Storm will take your plants beyond anything achievable with fertilizer alone.




Weight 2.45 lb
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by Nick from Atlanta
Im super happy that they finally isolated the compound in purple max that drives the plant oil without inducing color changes. Super oily plants after using this, even my fan leaves had incredible amounts of resin production after the first use, and they just keep getting bigger and better through the bloom stage.

Product Questions & Answers
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  • So which week you can use foliar
    Hello, The Product Snow Storm Ultra by Humboldt County's Own can be used as a foliar spray in the early to middle stages of flowering or fruiting. As with all foliar sprays one should be careful to not spray directly on flowers for risk of mold. Traditionally the product is used 1 time per week for weeks 1-5 of fruiting. Due to the increased nutrient absorption caused by this product it is recommended to cut your nutrient strength back to 1000 ppm, and then gradually increase your ppm if you choose to. The mixing rate is 1/2 to 1 tsp per gallon of water when being used as a foliar spray. It has been found to be equally effective when used as a root drench 1 time per week, during weeks 1-5 of fruiting. If you have any more questions please just let us know. Thank you.