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Grodan Stonewool Expert Slab 8" x 3" x 36"
by: grodan

Item 713010
Our Price: $11.99

Seeds or cuttings are started in small rockwool cubes and, once rooted, the cubes are transferred to a bigger piece of rockwool or may be planted directly in soil or other growing medium. Rockwool is used in systems such as the NFT Gulley and the Ebb & Flow.
Grodan rockwool has been made in Denmark since 1969. Let us introduce you to Grodan stonewool: Grodan is water absorbent stonewool. Mother Nature makes her own stonewool which is known as angel hair from volcanoes. In the case of Grodan, rocks are heated up to 3000° Fahrenheit and spun into wool like cotton candy. This method gives a media that is sterile and always maintains its structure. Grodan rockwool is known for its quality, consistency and performance level.

Height 3"

Length 35.6"

Weight 2 lbs

Width 8"

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