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Gavita Pro 1000 DE Complete Grow Light Fixture
by: gavita

Item 906050
Our Price: $599.99

The Gavita Pro 1000 DE Complete Grow Light Fixture is part of the Gavita Pro-line series, offering you the latest technology in a series of rugged, professional state of the art fixtures, reflectors and electronic ballasts. The Gavita Pro 1000 DE Complete Grow Light Fixture works on 240V, but drives a unique double ended professional high voltage electronic horticultural lamp.

• Only for use with 1000W 400V Double Ended EL lamps
   -No acoustic resonance
   -Highest micromole output 1000W lamp in the market
   -Light maintnance after 5000 hrs > 95%
• System design and concept by Gavita
• Adjustble to 600/660/750/825/1000/1150W output
• Soft dim (60 seconds gradual adjustment per step)
• Sealed housing (Class I) with Gore-Tex ventilation plug
• Microprocessor driven
• Very low heat dissipation and optimal cooling
• Driver effieciency at full power 95-96%
• CSA listed, FCC approved
• Professional 1000 watt high frequency electronic ballast
• Including high efficiency Miro aluminum horticultural HortiStar HR96 reflector (96% efficiency)
• Includes Philips 1000 watt double ended EL lamp
• Microprocessor controlled with electronic safety circuit
• Only suitable for use with 1000 watt double ended EL lamps: No acoustic resonance, more than 10% grow light compared to traditional lamps and light maintenance after 5000 hours >95%
• Reflector easily replaceable
• Operates at 240 Volts

Height 12.3"

Length 22.8"

Weight 14.5"

Width 9.9"

The Gavita Pro 1000 DE Complete Grow Light Fixture holds a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

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Product Questions & Answers
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  • How much light coverage does the Gavita Pro 1000 DE provide
    Hello Cindy, Thank you for your inquiry. The Gavita Pro 1000 Double Ended Complete Fixture utilizes the new double ended lamp technology eliminating shadowing and providing more usable light in the correct color spectrum to stimulate plant growth. The effective coverage for this light depends on 2 factors: how high the light is hung above the plants & if the light is used as a primary or secondary light source. For indoor gardeners using the Gavita Pro 1000 DE as a sole light source the effective coverage area is between 4’ x 4’ and 6’ by 6’ depending on how high above the plants you hang the light`;` the closer to the plants the more intense the light that they will receive. If used as a secondary or supplemental light source for a greenhouse then the coverage area can be as much as 8’ by 8’. I hope that answers your question but if you need further assistance just let us know. Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics
  • Do these Gavita 1000 have Mh available too
    Hello Eric, Thank you for your inquiry. Currently Gavita does not offer a 1,000 watt double-ended MH lamp. Solis-Tek does currently offer 1000 watt DE MH lamps but they may not be compatible with the Gavita fixture. If you are looking for a DE MH option please consider the new DE lamps and matching ballasts from Solis-Tek. Best Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics