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FoxFarm: Ocean Forest Soil, 1.5 cu ft
by: fox farm

Item 714305
Our Price: $18.99

Ocean Forest Potting Soil combines the best fertilizers found on land with the finest sea ingredients available. The result is a rich, light, organic potting soil, ready to use right from the bag, that encourages healthy root growth, disease resistance, and leafy foliage. Consists of rich composted forest humus, sphagnum peat for aeration, bat guano, fish, crab, shrimp, and Norwegian kelp meals - and of course, Fox Farm's premium earthworm castings. There are even some oyster shells mixed in to insure a balanced pH. For planting in containers both indoors and out, tilling into gardens, filling raised beds, or top dressing established plants.

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Weight 34.20 lb
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ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings You Can't Go Wrong With Ocean Forest!
by Kristie from
This is probably the best potting soil I have ever used! It has perfect drainage, it is amended with an assortment of different guanos and organic fertilizers, it is pH balanced, and it is made inside to ensure no bugs are unsuspectingly brought into your

Product Questions & Answers
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  • I'm using Fox Farm Ocean Forest mixed with Coco and Worm Castings. What do I use to flush my plants with? I can see the leafs are curling on the sides also I can see little rust looking color on some of the leafs - Is that a nitrogen deficiency?
    The soil/soilless mixture you are using is very effective. To flush, use any salt leaching product like Florakleen, Clearex, or Final Phase. Alternatively, you can also alternate your feed schedule with just water. i.e., Mon-feed, Wed-Water only, Fri-Feed. The rust color on some of your leaves is generally a Cal-Mag deficiency. You may have to check the pH of your soil. If this is spot on, then go ahead and add a ca-mg supplement. This should fix most of your problems. The curling of your leaves can be a couple of different things. If they are curling upwards, it is probably over-feeding. Cut back to an every other day feeding schedule as mentioned above. If they are curling downwards, it is generally under-feeding and you need to step up your feeding regiment. Good Luck!
  • do you ship direct to local distributors or, direct to addressee
    Hello Randy, Thank you for your question. We are happy to ship to our customers homes businesses, or other locations as long as the terms of payment and verification of address is done prior to shipping. If you have any more specific questions please feel free to call one of our representatives at 1888-305-4450. Thank You. Regards, Atlantis Hydroponics