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Ice Probe Small Aquarium Chiller
by: cool works

Our Price: $139.99

The Aquarium Chiller is a complete water cooling system. It includes the Ice Probe, the nut and silicone washer for bulkhead installation, and a power converter with six foot cords on each side. The Aquarium Chiller can be easily installed in any orientation through a 1.25 inch hole into siphon overflows, pre-filters, sumps, or aquarium walls, or suspended with a bracket or lid over the top of the aquarium.

• 50 Watts of cooling power
• Compact size
• Easy bulkhead installation
• Quiet, efficient & reliable
• Optional temperature controller
• 120V or 240V power options



Weight 3 lb
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Product Questions & Answers
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  • What size of aquarium is this chiller set up for? How many GPH? What size or hp is motor?
    The ideal aquarium size for this chiller is 10-20 gallons. The larger the aquarium, the less effective the chiller will work. There is no movement of the water with this chiller.
  • Just how low could I get the temperature down to with this device I am planning an expansion of my current water cooling system for my PC. If I put this device in a - 2.5 to 5 - gal tank of distilled water what temperatures could I expect
    Hello Thomas, The Ice Probe Chiller is designed for small cooling applications. The company lists the cooling capacity at 6 - 8 degrees below ambient air temperature on water volumes of 10 gallons or less. Depending on the heat output of your electronics this unit may be insufficient. If you think it might not work for you then I recommend a 1/10th HP chiller item code 728695 which would be able to bring the water temperature down by over 30 degrees without a problem.