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PPM-4 Co2 Monitor/Controller
by: c.a.p.

Item PPM-4
Our Price: $269.99

The PPM-4 is the simplest, safest and most affordable CO2 controller available today... from any manufacturer. Perfect for controlling LP or natural gas generators with PPM accuracy.

The PPM-4 is a two-piece controller that includes a wall mounted infrared sensor with a 10 ft. cord and a plug-in pass-through controller/power supply.

The plug in control is designed to be electrically safe.

Designed specifically to control the carbon dioxide level in your grow environment with PPM accuracy and is easy to use out of the box due to its easy to read 3 LED interface.

Switching set point factory set to 1450 PPM with 50 PPM hysteresis/dead-band.

Calibration couldn't be easier. Simply step outside and press a button.

The PPM-4 is easily mated to any 120 volt valve or CO2 Generator with a simple plug in device.
No Dimensions currently available.
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Product Questions & Answers
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  • Can this device be used to measure the concentration of CO2 in a closed container environment, at levels of between 5 to 15% of atmosphere?
    The PPM-4 controller by C.A.P. is designed to control Co2 levels and maintain the level of Co2 in an environment at 1451-1500 PPM (parts per million.) It can measure Co2 but only allows the user to see LED Lights on the front that show the amount of Co2 in a space to be in 1 of 3 levels; less than 901 PPM – between 901 and 1450 PPM – and greater than 1451 PPM. There is no precise readout however in the form of a number or exact Co2 level. You had mentioned wanting to enrich your environment to 5-15% Co2. At these levels there would be SERIOUS health risks including death. The general guideline is that plants prefer an enrichment level of 1500+ PPM of Co2 to perform photosynthesis at an optimum level. 1500 PPM is only 0.15% enrichment. The air in any given room or outdoor space is roughly about 388 PPM. Hopefully this information will be helpful.
  • Is there a warranty on this item I see a lot of posting stuff about how this unit can die in 3 months. I am worried about this because of the pricing. And would you guys recommend bottled co2 or the burning way.
    Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. THe PPM-4 by CAP Controllers has a 3 year warranty. As for as CO2 Tanks vs. CO2 Generators I always recomend small growers (rooms smaller than 20 square feet) use tanks, while 20 square feet plus growers should use generators.