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Botanicare: Pure Blend Pro Grow 3-2-4, quart
by: botanicare

Item 718475
Our Price: $22.99

Pure Blend Pro Grow is a hydro-organic vegetative formula which is a specialty custom blend of organic and natural sources of the essential major, secondary, and trace minerals in 100% soluble form. Pure Blend Pro Grow produces vigorous lush green vegetation. When compared to conventional chemical fertilizers, Pure Blend Pro Grow will provide increased nutritional values and is a healthy, earth-friendly alternative. Mix 1/2 - 1 oz / gallon of water. Benefits of using Pure Blend Pro:• Essential elements are not derived from harmful chemicals such as a urea and high concentrates of ammonia nitrate
• Eliminates the danger of exposing plants (and ultimately the consumer) to toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, selenium, etc. which often occur as contaminates in conventional chemical fertilizers
• The organic components of enhance uptake and utilization of plant nutrients
• Plants acquire increased pathogen resistance and hardiness
• Metabolic rate and capacity is greatly amplified enabling the grower to produce fruits and vegetables that contain greater amounts of minerals and vitamins that are crucial for human nutrition
• The budding, flowering, fruiting capacity of plants is greatly increased. Derived From: Fish meal, composted sea bird guano, sea kelp, spirulina, soybean protein extract, rock phosphate, potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, humic acid*, fulvic acid*, citric acid*, raw sugar cane*, Agrimineral 72 (silica clay extract)*, amino acids*, B-complex vitamins*, and select botanical plant extracts*.*Non plant food ingredients"

Height 7.5"

Length 5.3"

Weight 2.8 lbs

Width 2.6"

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