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Botanicare: Hydroplex Bloom Enhancer 0-10-6, 2.5 gallon
by: botanicare

Item 733096
Our Price: $203.99

Originally available in two formulas, Hydroplex has been condensed down to one balanced formula that is effective for all growing mediums. Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer, now includes a broader range of amino acids, more trace minerals, and more select, beneficial vitamins. Use Hydroplex in conjunction with any base bloom nutrient to maximize the yield potential of fruiting and flowering plants. Though most standard PK boosters are structured to create larger fruits and flowers, Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer surpasses that standard by both increasing plants resistance to external stresses and amplifying natural enzyme, chlorophyll, and essential oil production.

Height 13.7"

Length 6.7"

Weight 28.7 lbs

Width 8.9"


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    Hello Dan, Thank you for your inquiry. Hydroplex by Botanicare is a great blossom boosting additive. Designed to be used in the blooming phase of a plant's life-cycle it provides a boost of phosphorous and potassium as well as an array of amino acids, trace minerals, and vitamins. Hydroplex has been carefully formulated to not just increase fruit size but also to increase a plants resistance to external stresses while amplifying enzyme, chlorophyll, essential oil, and sugar production. The guaranteed analysis of the product is listed below but to answer your question it does not provide a significant source of zinc or manganese. Zinc is used by plants as a component of many enzymes. Manganese is also a component of many enzymes, but is also required for integrity of the chloroplast membrane as well as for the release of oxygen during photosynthesis. If you are looking for a good source of zinc and manganese then may I suggest the OMRI listed product Organa ADD (item code 719710). If you have any further questions please let me know.