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Botanicare: Clone Machine, 25 Site
by: botanicare

Item 706172
Our Price: $171.99

This Botanicare clone machine works on true aeroponic principles and delivers superior aeration for maximum root development. This kit includes the reservoir, net pots, root guard, pump, Hydroguard, and Power Clone Solution. The Botanicare clone machine is great for gardeners of all kinds - organic gardening, soil gardens, hydroponic systems, and more!

The 25 site Clone Machine is easy to use and will effortlessly get your seedlings ready for your garden:

• Dip your plant cutting into a root stimulator or place the cutting in the neoprene collar and in 2" pot

• Turn the clone machine on for approximately 24 hours or until the plant develops roots.

• Afterward, transplant the cutting into any desired growing medium.

• Dimensions: 12.75" W x 12.75" D x 11.25" H

Height 11.25"

Length 12.75"

Weight 11 lb

Width 12.75"

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ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings 25 Site Cloning Machine
by Trent from
This thing works great! It’s easy!

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings BEST
by Sharon from Inglewood
Easy instructions! Exactly what I needed.

Product Questions & Answers
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  • What water pump does this clone machine use? What is the power (in GPH) of this pump and PSI pressure?
    The current model utilizes a 190 GPH Mag Drive pump, part #728075. This pump has a maximum head (pumping height) of 7' and uses 9 watts of electricity, however there are too many variables to give you a PSI without knowing more about your specific application.
  • i want to buy 100 neoprene collars (1.5" diam.) for my botanicare 25 machine, but i can't find this item on your website. how can i order?
    It is product code 724299 and is located in the Plant Propagation/Clone Machines here: