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Big Blue Air 4" ozone Generator, 1 UV Bulb
by: big blue

Item BB004
Our Price: $259.99

The BIG BLUE 4 inch is designed for small grow spaces. The stainless steel housing measures 20" X 4" in diameter. It contains a single UV-C lamp which produces over 750mg/hr of ozone. It is energy efficient using less Wattage than a 40 Watt bulb This unit can use up to 465 cfm of fan.
Blue Air Products brings decades of combined experience to the hydroponics industry. The BIG BLUE AIR series of inline ozonators is the most powerful, effective, reliable odor control available for the hobby or commercial gardener. They can be installed in duct sizes from 2 to 12 inches.
• The heaviest Big Blue weighs only 12 pounds and is easy to install
• Each of the ozone lamps is individually ballasted and switched
• Early in the grow cycle, when garden odor is at it's lowest you may only require one lamp the scrub the air, which saves you money
• No fan replacement required - Whatever exhaust fan the gardener has used for proper air exchanges is all that is necessary for the Big Blue
• Compared to carbon, the Big Blue is less expensive - 99% of all carbon filters are replaced, not re-filled
• At the end of the harvest place the Big Blue in the grow space and let it run for 4 or 5 hours as a grow room sterilizer - No chemical cleaner will ever be effective as natural ozone gas

The 4" Big Blue is designed for small grow spaces. The stainless steel housing measures 20” long x 4” in diameter. It contains a single UV-C germicidal bulb which produces over 750mg/hr of ozone. It is energy efficient using less wattage than a 40 watt bulb. This unit can use up to a 465 cfm fan.

The 6" Big Blue is the latest addition to the Big Blue lineup. 2 ozone bulbs for twice the effectiveness of the popular 4 inch model. It will handle up to and beyond 600 cfm.

The 8" Big Blue is our most popular model. This polished stainless steel ozonator has 3 bulbs, each with its own high powered ballast. Adjustable ozone output; each bulb is individually controlled. This redundant fail-safe feature means you are never without odor control. Great for larger spaces and faster results in smaller spaces. This unit measures 20” long x 8” in diameter. Recommended fan size of up to 800 cfm. The 8" Big Blue produces up to 2250 mg/hr.

The 10" Big Blue inch contains 4 bulbs with up to 5 different control settings. Can decontaminate up to 1500 sq. ft.. It is optionally available as a 5 bulb model for larger gardens (special order; contact us for more info). 3000 mg/hr. 20" long x 10" in diameter.

The 12" Big Blue is designed for big, tough jobs. 5 individually controlled bulbs. Ozone output of nearly 4000 mg/hr. Uses up to a 1200 cfm fan.

Additional features:

  1. The Big Blues are assembled with corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  2. The Big Blues use a germicidal UV-C lamp that produces the most effective odor killing ozone that ultraviolet technology has to offer.
  3. UV lamps continue to produce ozone for up to 14 to 18 months of continuous use. After that the light is on, but ozone levels are below optimal. Bulb replacement is easily accomplished by anyone who can change a light bulb! Simply remove the lamp from its snap clips, separate the bulb from its’ power plug. Reverse the order for the installation of a new bulb. No need to return the Big Blue to the manufacturer for bulb replacement.



Weight 5 lb
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