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Azatrol, quart OMRI Listed®
by: azatrol

Our Price: $119.99

Azatrol is an azadirachtin insecticide formulated to provide a broad spectrum insect control that has a very low environmental impact.
Azatrol provides all the benefits of the chemical azadirachtin. It is a proven natural anti-feedant, insect growth regulator, anti-ovipository and repellent, along with being a toxin to soft bodied insect larvae. Formulated with food grade ingredients. OMRI Listed. There are multiple benefits to your insect control by using this product.
Anti-feedant: Insects will feed less or not at all on a treated plant tissue. The foliage keeps from getting damaged and insects ultimately starve to death.
IGR:Insects will fail to mature and reproduce, eliminating populations at acceptable levels.
Anti-ovipository and Repellent:The likelihood of insect infestation is greatly decreased in treated plants. This also adds a preventive aspect to your control program.



Weight 2.40 lb
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ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings Best Organic Pesticide
by Kristie from
Azatrol is the newest weapon against insects in indoor growing. It is certified by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) which means it is totally organic. The active ingredient, azadirachtin is derived from the neem plant which is the same plant

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings Treat Early And Treat Often
by Kristie from
Azatrol EC Insecticide, is certified by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI). The active ingredient, azadirachtin is a complex molecule having multiple modes of activity including anti-feedant, growth regulation, ovipositioning deterrent and repel

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